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A Bit About Me

Senior teacher and founder of Samadhi Yoga Folkestone, I am a hatha, vinyasa and yin qualified yoga instructor. As an eternal student and practitioner of the healing arts, I continue to develop my skills in complimentary approaches from a variety of wisdom traditions. I am a practising hypnotherapist, psychic and energy worker. 


I believe that self-awareness and conscious embodiment are essential for harmony and wellbeing. These days many come to the practices in search of a fix for mental, physical and/or emotional issues. There is a disturbing sense of imbalance in the modern world brought about by a disconnect from nature and the sacred. When we lose this fundamental and necessary connection, the body-mind goes into disarray, life lacks meaning and the immune system flounders giving rise to dis-ease.  


​No stranger to injury myself, my own yoga practise began some thirty years ago in response to a spinal disk issue from childhood. Yoga resolved the problem, only for hip problems to arise later in life. My work today is the result of insights gained through experiential explorations into the interrelatedness of mind, body and spirit, recognising that each individual's experience is a response to their inner and outer environment.


I see yoga and the healing arts as a precious means for realignment with our true nature and a roadmap to peace and unity.


Om Shanti,                                                                                               


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